1Quinte West Wolverines U14G T112101148103831
2Darlington Energy U14G T11492334161829
3Oshawa Turul Fury U14G T11373338211724
4Peterborough U14G T1124531615117
5Kingston Clippers U14G T1125071428-1415
6Northumberland U14G T1153392333-1012
7Belleville U14G T1120012555-500

There have been no games in the past 10 days

No games are scheduled in the next 10 days

1Taylor WYNGAARDENQuinte West Wolverines U14G T116
2Clara BARTONOshawa Turul Fury U14G T112
3Caroline DOLTONQuinte West Wolverines U14G T19
4Erica  LOUGHEEDDarlington Energy U14G T18
5Emma  RADLEYDarlington Energy U14G T17
6Selena SYLVADarlington Energy U14G T17
7Marlowe MARRISPeterborough U14G T16
8Simone WILSONNorthumberland U14G T16
9Brooke RYTWINSKIDarlington Energy U14G T15
10Emilie WRIGHTQuinte West Wolverines U14G T15

#PlayerTeam NameShutouts
1Avery PRESTDarlington Energy U14G T14
2Regan FOURNIERQuinte West Wolverines U14G T14
3Hayden HANLEYPeterborough U14G T13
4Leah KENDRICKNorthumberland U14G T12
5Sarah MCGINNOshawa Turul Fury U14G T12
6Sydney HELDKingston Clippers U14G T12
7Alyssa DORMIEDYQuinte West Wolverines U14G T11

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