DSL Women Tier 1

1Ajax Rebels DSL W1159423627931
2Cobourg Ladies - IT DSL W1156272831-320
3Darlington Strikers DSL W1145272422217
4Darlington Spartans DSL W1143472735-813

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1Jessica VELLAAjax Rebels DSL W116
2Hannah TAMLINDarlington Strikers DSL W114
3Meaghan CHADWICKCobourg Ladies - IT DSL W19
4Olivia-Joan LYMAjax Rebels DSL W18
5Bailey HEWITTAjax Rebels DSL W17
6Ashley WEATHERUPCobourg Ladies - IT DSL W14
7Brittany ROWEDarlington Spartans DSL W14
8Melissa LINTONCobourg Ladies - IT DSL W14
9Samantha WATSONDarlington Spartans DSL W14
10Ann CAPRADarlington Spartans DSL W13

#PlayerTeam NameShutouts
1Melanie POULIN-ROYDarlington Strikers DSL W13
2Darragh GREENCobourg Ladies - IT DSL W11
3Kristi MORRISONAjax Rebels DSL W11
4Kylie BRACKENAjax Rebels DSL W11

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