1Peterborough City Blue U13B T115141068125643
2Belleville U13B T11281342192325
3Kingston Clippers Fury U13B T1128043729824
4Northumberland U13B T1 1770105256-421
5Oshawa Kicks SC U13B T11750123275-4315
6Pickering Power Gold U13B T1 1541104853-513
7Whitby SC Blue U13B T11431102055-3510

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1Keelan ANDREWSPickering Power Gold U13B T1 26
2Benjamin HANSENNorthumberland U13B T1 24
3Jeremiah GUNARATNAMOshawa Kicks SC U13B T120
4Jakub DOBIECHKingston Clippers Fury U13B T118
5Stanislav OstrovskyBelleville U13B T115
6LIAM FALLAHZADEHPeterborough City Blue U13B T110
7JACKSON DORANPeterborough City Blue U13B T19
8Malahkai GORDONWhitby SC Blue U13B T19
9PARKER MACDONALDPeterborough City Blue U13B T19
10JOSHUA BRADYPeterborough City Blue U13B T18

#PlayerTeam NameShutouts
1BRETT JONESPeterborough City Blue U13B T14
2JACOB STINSONPeterborough City Blue U13B T13
3Aidan BUTLEROshawa Kicks SC U13B T12
4Caleb MCCURDYNorthumberland U13B T1 2
5Alexander ReidBelleville U13B T11
6Denholm BlairBelleville U13B T11
7Giridhar NairBelleville U13B T11
8Tanner HAWKINSKingston Clippers Fury U13B T11

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