LTT U10 Boys T2

1Northumberland Blue U10B T215015000015
2Oshawa Kicks White U10B T214014000014
3Oshawa Turul U10B T214014000014
4Cavan FC Red U10B T213013000013
5Kawartha Inferno U10B T213013000013
6NDUFC U10B T213013000013
7Northumberland Red U10B T213013000013
8Pickering Power Gold U10B T213013000013
9Ajax United U10B T2 12012000012
10Cavan FC Black U10B T212012000012
11Darlington Rush U10B T212012000012
12Whitby White U10B T2 12012000012
13Whitby Yellow U10B T212012000012
14Peterborough City White U10B T240400004

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